In the small onsen town of Takeo, just to the east of Arita, lies a tiny cluster of lemongrass fields that have become a source of local pride, and inspiration for this unique shochu. Handcrafted in the traditional way, it is single distilled from a mash of locally farmed rice and freshly harvested lemongrass.

At 70 proof it is more concentrated like shochus of old, yet the introduction of lemongrass is a first in shochu production; an innovative twist by master distillers Shinji Wada and Hirofumi Okoba. Grown organically atop nearby mountains, the freshly cut lemongrass is added to a rice-based mash just three days before distillation. Oils from the leaves commingle with local rice and white koji to create a distinctively refreshing shochu.

INGREDIENTS: A mash of 95% rice using white koji, and 5% fresh-cut organic lemongrass, with the pure waters of Kurokami-yama (Black Hair Mountain). 100% sourced from Saga Prefecture, Japan.

TASTING NOTES: Bright, citrusy, delicate and delicious.     jfjfiuwhefnwoiehfjo hwoeifow oiwejfowiejfo iwejofiwjeofi iwejfowijefo phhh fhas aishoi aosij aosjdofi jaosjd jaosjdoias jaoisjdoais jaosijdoaisjd jaosijdoainektrgoie jsodifjois jsodijos jsdojos jsodijfosi sdfosi.