We take great pride in celebrating local flavors, the harvests, and the bounty of nature. In doing so, we maintain a centuries-old tradition in that all of our ingredients are sourced from nearby farms. This is attributed to our unique bond with the growers of Saga prefecture, and our motto of “creating harmony between the land, farmer and distillery”.

Munemasa’s ‘toji’ (master distiller) Hirofumi Okoba’s relationships with the local farmers runs deep as his own roots can be traced to a small family farm just outside of Arita. Okoba maintains close friendships with many of the growers and believes that “shochu is something they make together” from the farm to the finished bottle. 

Many believe that water is the essence of shochu. We use only the pure waters of Kurokami-yama (Black Hair Mountain), which are exceptionally soft and add texture and a delightful mouthfeel to our shochu. Just to the east of Arita, the mountain is a place of pristine natural beauty.

The waters of Black Hair Mountain.

The waters of Black Hair Mountain.

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