After several weeks, the second moromi is transferred to a stainless steel pot still for single distillation. It is here that the pure essence of barley and black koji rice is captured in an unusually smooth and naturally tasty distillate that is 88 proof (44% alc/vol). This undiluted heart of the spirit is called the ‘genshu’, which is then it is left to rest and mature for at least 6 months.

The Mizunomai is crafted in the boutique ‘genshu’ style, meaning it is not heavily diluted like ordinary shochus, which are typically 25%alc/vol. Once our genshu has fully mellowed, it is slightly cut with soft mountain water to 70 proof (35% alc/vol) where the spirit finds true balance. Produced only in small batches, the more concentrated genshu style enhances the character of our shochu and provides a more stimulating taste experience.